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Director / QSE Consultant

David has been working in the management systems industry since 2010. Throughout this time, David has provided consulting services to a range of industries including manufacturing, construction and professional services and currently conducts certification audits for three JAS-ANZ accredited certification bodies.
David has been involved with projects of all sizes, including a multi-billion dollar construction project on the Sunshine Coast.
Prior to his career in the management systems industry, David worked in banking, insurance, risk management and secured lending in the UK.


Director / QSE Consultant

Liam is a qualified Civil Engineer and has worked in the management systems industry since 2006. He has extensive experience in both the development and auditing of management systems across a diverse range of industries. He has been the Lead IMS Auditor for three individual JAS-ANZ accredited certification bodies and has worked in a variety of senior level Audit appointments for a number of high-profile projects including the NorthConnex Tunnel project and numerous major road Infrastructure projects for NSW Roads & Maritime Services (RMS). He has also held the role of Lead Auditor on the Transgrid WHS audit panel conducting audits for substation, and pole & wires construction projects.
Prior to working in the management system industry, Liam worked in the construction industry for 10 years in roles from construction worker to Project Manager.

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Director / QSE Consultant

Peter is a qualified Environmental Scientist, completing a Bachelor of Environmental Biology and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science at UTS. He has been working as a Consultant and Auditor since 2007 and has developed management systems for a broad variety of organisations and industries.
He has also been the Lead IMS auditor for three JAS-ANZ accredited certification bodies, an independent Environmental Auditor for the NorthConnex tunnel project, a Lead Auditor on the Transgrid WHS audit panel to conduct audits of substation and poles and wires construction projects, and is on the ACT Government approved list of Senior Auditors.
Peter has also worked as an Environmental Scientist for one of Australia’s largest engineering companies conducting environmental audits to the resources sector.